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#100 - What to do?

Do a big comic!
Make a manga page!
Give us some art!
Shonen-ai art/manga page.
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September 12th, 2008, 6:26 pm


I'm a little unsure if I want to continue making Adam and Sei comics. I love making nerdy jokes and stuff, but... it's really not that good. I've tried making changes and improvements gradually, but, now that I've given it some serious thought, I don't really know. This is something I started when I was younger, so of course it's not going to be top quality... but I really don't know. Let's get to #100 and then we'll see if I keep going.

I don't really know how I'd go about improving the comic. I've already damned myself by making a self-insert character years ago, then people wanted me back in so, I can't do much about that. I have the violent bitch character (though, granted, Sana's personality is in mock of her original design), and then Sei, the crazy one (also, done in mock), and Adam, the fairly normal one (done in irony). Then a sentient console, and some other characters we don't see much. I dunno. I don't feel like I can improve it much.

I actually don't even know if I can make it to #100 without getting sick of it.

If you have any ideas, throw them at me.

August 14th, 2008, 9:51 am

New Dress-up!

New dress-up doll!

August 6th, 2008, 11:14 pm

Officially moved!

I've officially made the move from Comicgenesis to Smackjeeves! This is now the main site for the comic.

I must apologize for the occasional lack of comics. Sometimes I can't think of anything funny. Art's not a problem anymore, though. So if I have a good idea, it'll get out. I wish I could do more than one page a week. But it's best to limit myself because I'm prone to stress, which leads to hiatus.

The big 100's coming up soon! I don't know what I'll do for it. Maybe a manga style page? Maybe a long comic? Maybe some art? If you have any preference, cast a vote or comment.

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