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Why does this webcomic suck so bad?
Because I started it when I was fifteen. When you are fifteen, you think everything is hilarious. It is not. Now, I'm trying to salvage what I can by turning this into a gaming comic. I guess it's really more like a hobby I try to dedicate myself to than a webcomic. I feel bad for how sub-par my comic can tend to be, so, I will never be selling any comic-specific merch. Who knows; I might think my comics are funny now, look back in a few years, and wish I never made them. Here's hoping I'm actually kinda funny now.

You know, these are some pretty bland characters. Zany gay guy, intelligent gay guy, bitchy demon, self-inserts... wow. So bad.
Honestly, that was the whole point in their initial design. Sei was supposed to be a blatantly stereotypical bishonen. Somewhere along the line he became insane. Adam is a friend's character, except simplified and exaggerated. Sana is also very exaggerated from her original design. Celes... well, I'm a stupid loser and thought, "LOL I SHOULD USE MYSELF AS AN EXTRA." I got tired of that, killed myself off, but then people voted me back in. Damn it. Robot: another bland character for the sake of making the cast more ridiculous. And initiating a comic arc. I might use him again. I can't guarantee.

So, you have an excuse for such crap characters?
PaintChat; it's... something that really speaks for itself if you've gone to a PaintChat before.

You're dumb.

Why does Sei's hair randomly change length?
Uh. I don't know.

Why does Sana bother to live with two idiots?
Plot holes.

Why does Sei act as though he was dropped on the head numerous times as a child?
Because I'm stupid.

Will there be any sex?

Another webcomic did this idea you used in one comic.
I don't doubt you. I'm sure someone else has done something similar. The creativity pool dries more and more all the time.

Feel free to message me your questions.

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